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Entry #3

Mission Failed

2/17/10 by iHeartQuistis
Updated 7/1/10

I'm uploading my tunes back to NGrounds. Feel free to use 'em. It's not like it's going to make any difference to me. Now I'm just going to mess around /w music as a hobby - jammin' on my guitar to melodeath musicians to pass the time. Currently, Black Dahlia Murder has been epic.

Mission Failed


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What the hell are you doing? Just because something is hard doesn't mean you should fucking quit. Especially when you are so passionate about it. Don't give up and don't even think you're going to be some lame gym teacher. You have skills you just need to keep working on it. Ps. You don't keep in touch : /.



Should have went for Music Arts.



Have fun dealing with asshole highschool kids.

What? You deleted your songs here too? Well I hope you upload them again like you said you are going to. Music theory isn't that hard if you just put the hours into learning it. Not that I'm ever going to bother learning it, I'm just saying you probably could if you wanted to. I hate learning.



I will always love you.



I like your midi songs, and you definitely have a GREAT feel for music. You and I should collab on a song or a few I personally play 4 Instruments in Reall Life so I can record ANY of them for the best sounding music. ;)